Test et revue sur l'unité de conférence GONSIN TL-4200

[IT168: Manufacturers News]  As daisy-chained audio conference systems are more and more widely used, it would be a headache issue on how to choose the outstanding and cost-effective equipment. Here we would like to share our testing experience with GONSIN TL-4200 conference unit.


                           Figure 1: unit base


As shown in figure 1 above are two GONSIN TL-4200 conference units with different features. Both units are equipped with LCD screen, which can be more intuitive and accurate to display the conference status and conference mode (such as “Please register”, “Registered”,”Please vote”, “Voted”, “Request to speak”), making it easier to operate. We can find that the unit has adopted two different angles of inclined upper surface design. Flat angle of key panel offers more convenience for the partcipant to push the buttons, and larger angle of LCD panel allows excellent viewing angle for the participant under a more comfortable sitting posture. This design complies with ergonomic guidelines.

                             Figure 2: side view 

As shown in figure 2 above, the left side of TL-4200 unit is equipped with a headphone volume switch, a headphone output socket, and a recording output socket.  For confidential purpose, some conferences do not allow the use of amplifier, then the participant can insert the headset to clearly hear the conference audio.

In addition, a recorder can be connected via REC OUT socket for automatic recording to replace the traditional hand-written shorthand. So the conference content can be recorded accurately, the time would be saved, and conference efficiency and quality are greatly improved as well.

The right side of the unit is equipped with an IC card slot, which can be used at a larger conference for the participants to register attendance with IC cards.

Some specific features may not be commonly used, but it reduces the troubles for the user to buy additional devices due to temporary needs.



As the microphone is the front-end pick-up device of conference system, its pick-up quality directly affects the voice reproduction afterwards. Figure 3 is a pluggable double-segment goosenece microphone stem designed for GONSIN TL-4200 conference unit.     

                                               Figure 3: mic stems


A suitable length can be chosen for the pluggable microphone stem according to the  desktop depth and the participants height. Pluggable type means it can be plugged in use and removed when unused. Compared with the fixed mic stem, it can effectively reduce any harmfulness for microphones during transportation and when unused.

During the conference, every participant may have different need for microphone height and position due to different height and habit of each participant, so the flexibility of a mic stem plays a very important role in this aspect.  GONSIN gooseneck microphone stem can move very naturally and smoothly, allowing the participants to freely adjust the microphone head to a comfortable position according to their own needs.

                          Mic stems of different length
There are three optional microphone lengths: 510, 410 and 310mm. The user can freely choose the appropriate microphone length and color according to personal preferences and overall environment, with higher degree of freedom to match the equipment configuration.

                                  Figure 4

As shown in figure 4 above, the microphone capsule has a very fine workmanship. But the microphone can well deal with the voice reproduction, featuring long pick-up range, wide frequency range, high sensitivity, low distortion, etc.

We can also find that there is a highlighted indicator on the top of microphone.  When the microphone is turned on, the indicator light is on, so that the participants can see the status of the unit via a quick glance of the indicator light, and this brings great convenience to the participants.



A good conference system is ensured by a high quality front-end pickup device as well as interference blocking to maintain audio quality in the process of long distance communications and transmission.

All copper plus shielding layer, low resistance cable can well solve energy loss in long distance transmission.  After the test, the cable connection of 100 meters can still guarantee the normal power supply for 12 conference units, and the load capacity will be further improved with additional use of repeater(s). At the same time, the shielding anti-interference performance can ensure good audio reproduction for good conference quality after long distance transmission.



From the above test, we can experience GONSIN TL-4200 unit with excellent sound quality of professional conference microphone as well as the comfort and convenience thanks to its special design.

                                            Unit for basic discussion

                                 Unit for discussion and interpretation

                         Unit for discussion, voting and interpretation

Currently, with the rapid development of intelligent technology, the conference modes are no longer in a disordered state of traditional conference mode. GONSIN conference system combines audio-visual, voting, simultaneous interpretation and more functions, simplifies the conference procedures, greatly enhances the conference efficiency, and fully considers different needs of the participants in every aspect. It shows the progress and development of intelligent conference system.