Examen global de la technologie FS-FHSS


In recent years, modern conference has higher demand for the conference system, the conference system technology is changing quickly. The wireless communication has become the key research direction of the main conference system manufacturer gradually.  Facing many technologies, you may to find it difficulty to chose, but as long as you clears know the advantage and disadvantage of each technology, you could make an effective and suitable configuration in accordance with the specific project. 


 FS-FHSS( Frequency selection-Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)

Frequency selection and hopping technology: The frequency hopping communication technology is a common spread spectrum technology, and widely adopted in various wireless communication. GONSIN conducted self-innovation based on that technology, and developed GONSIN unique FS-FHSS technology. It can monitor and select the frequency spectrum, which ensure the frequency spectrum allowing the frequency hopping without any interference. The frequency selection and hopping double-mechanism ensures the stable communication. GONSIN wireless conference system utilizes that technology to realize the discussion, simultaneous interpretation, voting and others conference application function.

FS-FHSS technology adapts the high-efficiency digital audio encoding and decoding technology, to make one frequency point to transform four channels audio information. Eight channels simultaneous interpretation just need two frequency points to achieve communication. Because the system occupied less wireless frequency points resource and adopts the frequency hopping mechanism, the system can coexist with WIFI and other 2.4GHz system without any interference.

The product utilizing FS-FHSS technology, will monitor the wireless environment of the conference site before the conference and select several usable frequency points. During the operation, it will hop the frequency between the backup frequency points and avoid any interference. The principle just like that the car driving on the multilane and when there is obstacle in front of the car, it would automatically change to the unhindered road. FS-FHSS technology adopted 2.4G global public frequency band, doesn’t require certificate with abundant wireless frequency points and up to 80 available frequency points.


Digital audio adopts American military AES encryption technique to encrypt the data and modulation mechanism. It has strong data security and avoids any malicious interception. The signal transmission power can be modified in according with the application site. The adjustable rang is from 50 meters to 500 meters( The signal coverage could be up to 2,000 meters with customized system). 


The application scene features:

1. Outdoor site;

2. The contemporary application site, the high-power coverage requires less      antenna, makes them easy for mobile installation or disassembly.


From the test result, we have a new understanding of the FS-FHSS technology GONSIN innovated. It has massive advantages to deal with the complicated application scenes. The physical property as all-directions signal transmission, combines with the wireless cellular signal coverage to make the complicated engineering construction more efficient and convenient. 

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