GONSIN Séminaire de l'IRU Academy 2016

Background: International Road Transport Union, for short: IRU, is established in 1948 and is the most important international non-government organization of international road transport. With its headquarter in Geneva, IRU not only is the spokesman for the global road transport industry, but also is the key partner of United Nations, World Bank, International Chamber of Commerce and other international organizations. It plays an important role in the international road transport industry.


The Seminar has been held in April 14-15 2016 in Tbilisi, Georgia, which is aimed to solve the problem of  the career prospect of road transport industry, to provide the strategy of talent management in transport and logistic companies, and to optimize the employee selection and retention mechanism.

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3rd ASEAN Transport Sar Forum


Meeting for representatives from 8 ministries and organizations, Saudi Arabic

Bulgarian National Energy Regulation Committee

Burundi Agriculture Development Conference


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