La location rend la conférence plus facile

Rental, as a convenient way, is attached more and more importance on the economic activity at home and abroad. The rental market not only saves the investment of the tenant, accelerating the fund flow,  but also avoid the risk of losing value in inflation.


In the current rental market of conference equipment, conference system has been one of the most concern equipment in the industry. As we all know, one efficient conference can not be held without advanced equipment, the high-performance conference system can improve the conference efficiency. Consequently, in some high-end conference occasions, these conference equipments appears frequently. However, the conference equipment is not cheap, one full set conference equipment require hundreds of thousands of purchasing cost. For some high-rank conferences, they are not fixed and held temporarily or held at long interval, and do not require supporting fixed conference equipment. In this situation, the rental equipment is the best choice. Nowadays, the conference equipment rental market is a small industry but its growing space is no less significant.


May be, you don’t have a set of professional conference equipment, but you still need to hold an efficient conference; Maybe, when you need the professional conference equipment , you do not want to put great effort to decorate the conference place. In this situation, GONSIN DCS-3021 is your first choice. Get GONSIN DCS-3021 wireless conference system, make the conference more easier. GONSIN DCS-3021 wireless digital discussion conference system is develop under the circumstance that the end-user has limited budget. It requires no installation, no commission, no other supporting equipment. Before conference, it just need to be put on the table, which especially suites to the upgrade of conference room, temporary conference or rental market. As holding a professional high-quality conference with DCS-3021 system, it just requires one central control unit, a set of signal transmission equipment and a number of DCS-3021 terminals.


In order to meet the rental market demand, GONSIN designs the DCS-16 transport case. That equipment utilizes all-in-one design idea, serves as the multi-function package equipment for DCS-3021 system in storage and transportation. One case for one conference, makes conference more efficient and more convenient. DCS-16 confirms with  flight case standard; it comes with universal wheel, which makes it easy to be moved. The case body is built by excellent material, which makes it stable and solid; the interior is anti-shock structure. All these excellent characters above, make it easy and convent that the user stores, move and transport. It is fit for the temporary conference place and rental market. One transport case can contain one server,  16 congress terminals, 16 microphone stems, 2 wireless AP, one charging case. That configuration could meet the demand of most high-rank conference. 


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