Attendez-vous à gagner en 2016

    ——GONSIN 2016 Joining together, Drawing Blueprint, New Leap Spring Festival Evening Party 

2015 is destined to be extraordinary

With the confidence to transcend ourselves

With the eager to better future

2016, GONSIN sets out!

2015 is destined to be extraordinary

With 12-year-development,

GONSIN has experienced multiple extraordinary moments

The slump industry

The experience sediment and  thinking during the transformation

In this year, GONSIN is fighting

And will be proud of better achievement

2016 is coming,

New year is a new beginning

GONSIN will start a new journey with new mission

Wave goodbye to 2016, Embrace 2016

All employees of GONSIN gathered in Junlai Hotel IN Shunde and welcome the new year. In 12-year-development, GONSIN has experienced from being nothing in the beginning to be something today, from the vertical development in development period to professional deep development now, and set the new beginning in the capital market. With the rapid development of internet economy, GONSIN faces a new challenge and opportunity.

Huang Huabao, Chairman of the borard, has put forward the cultivating internet thinking development model, has boosted Wireless Five Coverage Strategy firmly and improved  GONSIN brand influence vigorously.

Since 12 years ago, from beginning to rising, from promotion to outpace, GONSIN has experienced  multiple challenges in the market and stably become the main supplier of complete solution of audio and video conference system. 2015 is significant in the history of GONSIN. With standard operation and sound management system, GONSIN has officially been listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations( NEEQ). 

Junlai Hotel 

The Party is coming! Endless Happiness!

What is the spring festival evening party? It is the day that hard-working people gather together and harvest the fruit of achievement!  In the past year, every employee in GONSIN has traveled from south to north to visit our customers and tried to get a satisfying work report after one-year.  They are expecting more hope and touching.

Our party is different!

When it comes to the time node, there are money-show-off spring festival parties in circles of friends in WeChat. Everyone is showing off their lotteries and awards. GONSIN is tired of the endless show-off. We have voting and evaluation system in out party. Different evening party, GONSIN spring festival evening party is unique! 

Using BJ-W5 Wireless Voting System to grade the shows

Fighting together, strive to develop!

Every employee in GONSIN, is the teller, participator of the story. In their fields and positions respectively, in every detail, they are creating their own stories and participate the big story on the platform of GONSIN. For 12 years, a group of common people gather here and walk off an extraordinary road. 

Through Thick and Thin Award

Trophies of Through Thick and Thin 

Wonderful Performance!

Passionate songs, tender dance and attractive short sketch let us laugh. Thanks the giving of every employee, thanks the leaders of all levels, thanks GONSIN to let us gather together. With this dynamic team, GONSIN will reach more achievements.

2015 Brilliant History

  • Eight series of new products launched in market
  • Listed on NEEQ, become the first one in professional conference system industry in NEEQ
  • GONSIN product assists Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Singapore
  • GONSIN product assists G20 Summit
  • GONSIN FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation assist India-Pakistan Mass Religion Rally