GONSIN Empreintes de pas sur une ceinture et une route

Introduction : In autumn 2013, General Chairman Xi Jinping advocated “ New Silk Road Economic Belt” and “21st-Century Maritime Silk Road” strategic conception; In the APEC Conference, General Chairman XI Jinping announced that China would contribute 40 billion to set up a Silk Road fund  which can offer financial support the countries along the “ One Road and One Belt”  in their national infrastructure, resource development, the industrial and financial cooperation; In May 2015,  Vision and proposed  actions outlined on jointed building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road  was issued and defined the infrastructure connection in One Road and One Belt  as the priority. In June, Guangdong province the first one in the country issuing the construction implementation plan of One Road and One Belt. The infrastructure construction has been elevated to a strategic level again.


Take the innovation as the core

As the main force of the conference system industry, GONSIN has positively responded to One Belt and One Road strategy and entered high-level international development platform. With the spirit of innovation, GONSIN has made technology breakthrough continually and received 41 patents including the patents for invention, utility model patents and appearance patents. GONSIN wireless digital conference voting system and DSSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation received honors such as National Torch Project by National Technology Ministry, New Key Product of Guangdong Province by Science and Technology Department, Intelligent Building High Quality Product by the Intelligent Building Branch of Chinese Construction Association; The brand-new FS-FHSS selecting-and-hopping technology and wireless signal radiation precise control technology have even formed into a perfect solution when it comes to the complicated wireless environment and the application of  multiple RF products in one site, which has elevated the technological research and the products into a new level.


Seize the opportunity, Optimize the market layout

As the issue of economic layout of One Belt and One Road, GONSIN follow the strategic pace of China and takes measures to improve the hard and soft power within the company. By the Elite Program, it conducts professional training to its staff and promote the their comprehensive ability. In the  capital trend, it conducted shareholding reform and officially renamed as GONSIN Conference Equipment Co.,Ltd. ; it concentrates on innovation and research, and meanwhile, recruits talent to strengthen its team. It seizes the historical development opportunity , we shall not wait.


In China, before the issue of One Belt  and One Road strategy , GONSIN has participated in construction of key projects located in the 18 provinces and 15 ports within the One Road and One  Belt.  For instances, Beijing Capital International Airport, Xinjing Autonomous Region International Airport, Fujian Xiaming Development Research Center, Guangxi Autonomous Region People’s Political Consultative Conference. GONSIN has provided the high-quality conference system product and service at the beginning of   Guangdong Province Marine Silk Road Museum which is the  shining pearl to commemorate the history and culture of the ancient marine silk road. GONSIN’s footprint has already  been all over the One Belt and One Road economic zone.

Overseas, since 2004, GONSIN has exported it products. Its voting system has been the national gift that is presented to Parliament of Moldova by China’s Ministry of Commerce which successfully opened up the oversea market. With rapid 11 years development, GONSIN has register GONSIN brands in more than 60 nations and regions.  The products has been successfully applied to 4th United Nation on LDC, World Heritage Committee, Organization of American States and others high-end projects. GONSIN has exported its products to more than 130 countries. In the oversea market list issued by GONSIN,  we can find out that there are many impressive key projects on the economic zone of One Belt and One Road, such as Eurasian Continent Cooperation Fund Organization, National Tax Tower of Tajikistan, European Regional Office of World Custom Organization, African Union and European Union Cooperation Conference,  Institute for Kazakhstan Citizen Economy, Turkey Government, Russian Government, Kenyan National Assembly, Indonesia National Stadium, Vietnam UNDP and etc.

Financial Times of England once published an article pointing out that to implement One Belt and One Road, Chinese companies and local governments are the key power. They need to attach more importance to Five-have, namely, Content, Quality, Brand, Popularity, Talent. GONSIN has insisted the cooperate  motto of “ Delivering Trust & Value”, with the company mission as “Build bridges of highly effective communication in global perspective”. GONSIN will follow the pace of national strategy, upgrade its concept and brave to innovate. It would positivity expand it distribution in One Belt and One Road. GONSIN have seized the development opportunity and contributes to the One Belt and One Road economic zone.

One Belt and One Road——GONSIN Project Cases

Beijing Jinghan Group

Xijing Yili People’s Conference

Kazakhstan Tashkent Government

Turkey Ankara City Hall

Russian Government

Xiaming Siming District People’s Conference

Indonesia National Stadium 

Kenyan Conference Center

Greek Kos Island City Hall