【Cas du projet】 La qualité durable est la clé

Conference system, as the major front-end device in the modern conference, is the product that the participants use directly. Whether it operates stably or not could impact the whole conference. GONSIN, with its high-quality and accurate market positioning, insists on the principle as Quality first, Quality concerned. In the fierce market competition, it has won the hearts of customers. Let have a look at GONSIN products our customers used:


Parliament of Manizales in Columbia

In 2009, Parliament of Manizales utilized GONSIN TL-6000 series conference system as the important part of the audio and video complete solution of its conference hall. By constructing that system, GONSIN offered strong support for its daily operation. That conference hall has been used in high frequency, and the conference system has been under high load. However, for years, GONSIN products have operated stably with reliable function and clear sound quality, which has received the unanimious praise from the Parliament staff. By the daily communication with the after-sale team of GONSIN, it continues to upgrade the devices and the software in the Parliament. The technology development of GONSIN not only provides the new technology application for the new users, but also bases on the need of the regular customers. The common aspiration of GONSIN is to make the customers get the best product.


Parliament of Chile

In 2010, National Congress of Chile adopted the GONSIN discussion and voting system, where House of Representatives set more than twenty committees such as Constitution Committee, Legislative Committee, Judiciary Committee, Foreign Affair Committee, National Defense Committee, Finance Committee. Each committee has a conference room with 24 seats, all conference rooms have equipped with GONSIN 5300 discussion system. After 5 years operation, GONSIN conference system has been the first choose for National Congress of Chile to upgrade its devices. In 2015, it adds GONSIN GX-HD 3300 high definition dome camera and other accessories to improve the conference quality. The new added HD automate camera tracking system has been perfectly compatible with the original discussion and voting system, operated in seamless way.


National Assembly of Republic of Ecuador

In 2007, National Assembly of Republic of Ecuador adopted GONSIN TL-6000 conference system. After five years of operation, GONSIN products have received the recognition from National Assembly of Republic of Ecuador. In 2012, it renovated the building and upgraded its conference system. Because of the excellent user experience from the GONSIN products it used before, the official in charge of device management did not hesitate to choose GONSIN products. What it added was the GONSIN TL-4200 full-function conference system, realizes conference registration, speaking, simultaneous interpretation, voting and automate camera tracking functions, which fully met the demand of National Assembly of Republic of Ecuador. The original TL-6000 conference system has been moved to the resident conference room and still operated stably.


The standing committee of People's Congress in Tangshan

In 2003, the standing committee of Tangshan People’s Congress chose the classic product GX-700K from GONSIN. As the one of the earliest professional provider of the complete conference system solution, GONSIN has insisted in the self-innovation product development strategy and gained the recognition from the domestic market. The standing committee of Tangshan People’s Congress in Hebei Province has been among the witnesses and given GONSIN great affirmation. In 2013, during its upgrade, it chose GONSIN DSSS wireless voting system BJ-W4. That product can realize registration, voting, appraisal, election, grading function, which makes the voting more convenient. At the same time, the original GX-700K discussion system has been of service after ten years service at the standing committee of the People’s Congress in Tangshan. The high product quality and excellent after-sale service have win the unanimous praise from customers.

The reliable and durable quality not only brings excellent user experience to the user, but also makes the operation more stable . In long term, the durable product not only ensure that every important conferences could be held as planned, but also reduce massive system maintenance, save the replacement and investment cost. 

In the white-hot global competition, the product quality is significant to the company. The product quality decides whether the company can survive or not. GONSIN improves its creativity, meanwhile, improves its products and service to the best of its ability. Pursuit of perfect quality, Win-win cooperation with clients, is the insisted faith of GONSIN.