GONSIN a équipé la municipalité de KOS en Grèce pour ouvrir un nouveau mode

Introduction: Kos island belongs to Greece, located in the southeast of Aegean Sea, is the second largest island in the Dodecanese and distance from Turkey only for 5KM, The special geographical position make buildings and facilities on the island with more diverse style. Here was the flourished ancient medical center and the birth place of medicine father Hippo crates, there are many well preserved architectural monuments  in ancient Greece and Rome, is a tourism oriented city with exquisite scenery of nature.

                                     Map of KOS

                               Municipality of KOS

The Municipality of KOS in Greece installed GONSIN  distributed conference systemDCS-1022 series. This series of products break the traditional concept of conference system from the design and function of innovative. Convenient, stable and intelligent are the biggest characteristic of DCS-1022; the product  is applicable to a variety of  conferences,  build a large-scale system, realize the graphical user interface conference terminal, equipped with 4.3 inch LCD touch screen, easy to operate and convenient. Both the appearance and connotation of DCS-1022 bring you an unprecedented experience of conference.


"We need a strong functions, clear voice, good flexibility of the products" this is the voice of the customer, and the GONSIN DCS-1022 series  design is focused on the functional requirements of diversity,  high requirements on the performance of the product users, using a variety of ways to register interchange ,   support HD and SD ; camera tracking; anti-jamming ; speech is very clear; with the upgrading of the system interface; easily extended voting function; these functions allow delegates to get more good conference feeling. According to user needs, the project is equipped with GX-HD3300 HD video conference camera, in the speech it can realize automatic camera tracking on the speaking person.  dynamic image GX-HD3300HD video conference camera can reach 2070000 pixels, 18 optical zoom, can quickly track the speaking person, HD CMOS sensor  assure conference image is perfect.

After the completing of the project, the system have been applied by Kos municipal departments  in all major conferences,  For the stable operation of conference system and the quality of, user is satisfied with the performance.




FREQUENCY RANGE             2.4GHz/5.8GHz


SENSITIVITY                              -46dB±1Db

RATED VOLTAGE                   12V


POWER                                      8W

DISPLAY                  4.3-inch TFT true colour touch screen

PHONE JACK                            3.5mm stereo

MIC STEM LENGTH                  310mm standard,

                                                      410mm / 510mm optional

DIMENTIONS(L*W*H)                212mm×139mm×67mm

WEIGHT                                       0.8kg


STORAGE TEMPERATURE           -20~50℃


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