L'Assemblée nationale de l'Équateur installe le système de conférence TL-VCB4200

 In 2007, the National Constituent Assembly of Ecuador (130 members) was equipped with GONSIN TL-VB6000 digital conference system.  Later, the system was permanently installed at the then National Congress and the newly-established National Assembly (Asamblea Nacional) in Quito, Ecuador.
Highly impressed by good quality and stable performance of TL-6000 system in the daily sessions over the past few years, the National Assembly has recently selected the newer all-in-one TL-VCB4200 digital conference system to replace the older TL-VB6000 system in the assembly hall, fullfilling the needs of the national parliament for attendance registration, microphone discussion, parliamentary voting, simultaneous interpretation, video tracking and software control.

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