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With rapid development of world economy, current industry products has transformed itself from simply function meeting demand to multi requirements, more human-friendly, comfortableness,security and excellent user experience. The market competition no longer lies in the product function, technology and price, but also is the comprehensive overall competition. As Apple rises, product design is the key to win in homogeneous competitions. Put it in another words, industry design is one of the core ways for innovation.

By industry design, GONSIN can promote product innovation, set up the company brand, increase additional value and make it more competitive.

GONSIN prides itself on its independent innovation strategy and product differentiation strategy ever since its inception, with independent intellectual property rights for its wide range of products.  In recent years, GONSIN has launched ten series of new products including voting, discussion, simultaneous interpretation, paperless conference. They has drawed much attention from the marekt. In 2016, what GONSIN does is just one thing-pursuing more superior product, better quality ans after-sale service. 

‘Devotion makes profession’ is fundamental for GONSIN develop in the market. In 2017 the GONSIN will launch more competitive products. We work hard only for the best products! GONSIN invites Professor Liu Guangzhong, the father of Chinese industry design, NieXiRui, the general secretary of Shunde Industry Association, Yinxiaoli, general manager of Qianlong Industry Design Company to be the judges. They will judge the designs from several companies. 

In this meeting, Shao Youjie, marketing manager of GONSIN, introduced the judges and the judge rules. And then, other companies illustrated and presented their design solution one by one. In the end, judges discussed, reviewd and graded solutions.

The goal of this product design is to strengthen the product innovation, especially the product industry design ability. To relocate the product and build up a new product framework, responses to the challenges in 2017 positively.  

GONSIN has dedicated itself in conference system sector for years, tried to produce the best product, which has already gained wide recognition in the industry. Strain after being perfect in every link, keeping customer’s needs in mind, GONSIN will grow with customers.

Professor Liu Guangzhon Visited GONSIN Showroom

Professor Liu Guangzhon Visited GONSIN Showroom 


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