Service après-vente et mise à niveau des appareils Analyse de la différence entre le système d'interprétation simultanée FS-FHSS et le système d'interprétation simultanée IR

Four, After-Sale Service and Devices Upgrading and Extension

Because the end-users are different and different end-user meet different problems, there is not comparability between two kinds of products. As for the difficulty of solving the after-sale problem and the function extension of the system,  it is different for two types of product.

Because the structure of FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system is simple, there is a few WAP that could be effected by the system scale and conference environment , relatively less cabling with high automate server. If there is problems, it is easy to solve and the efficiency is increasing correspondingly.  As for the IR interpretation system, the number of IR radiators depends on the conference environment.  When the conference occupies much area and is specially designed in the complicated environment with much participants, not to mention the huge system capability and light source disturbance, the number of IR radiators is increasing dramatically and the cabling is more complicated. As for the audio consistence commissioning, the technical requirement for technicians is relatively higher. If there is a after-sale problem, it is more difficult to debug the system.

Two sets of FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation Systems to realize the partitioned management and cascade operation.

Both IR interpretation system and FS-FHSS interpretation system could extend the system functions, but how to extend, there is difference. For example, the customer used the IR interpretation system and needed to extend the discussion function, for the current IR product in the conference industry, there are two ways to realize. One is thatit can be added a set IR discussion system directly and two systems co-work together. But the frequency source is hard to be distributed secondly; Two is that the customer abandon the current IR interpretation system and buy a set of IR discussion system with interpretation function, but the customer make face the problem such as the rebuilding the system and debugging the system;

Both ways could be realized the discussion and interpretation function with direct cascade. As for the FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system, because FS-FHSS technology is developed as the comprehensive platform, it already comes with interpretation, discussion, voting and other conference functions. As a result, FS-FHSS interpretation could be connected to GONSIN30000 wireless discussion system to extend the discussion function. The customer could add WAPs that enables discussion and voting function and the corresponding wireless discussion terminal or voting units. The server could sweep the frequency make all devices be in synchrony, which could integrate the system and extend the function. 

cascade operation of two sets products on FS-FHSS technology platform

Based on the technical analysis above, we can arrive at the conclusion below:

Trouble Clearing Efficiency

IR Simultaneous Interpretation System: ★★

FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation System: ★★★★★

Function Extension

IR Simultaneous Interpretation System: ★★

FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation System: ★★★★★