Solution parfaite pour le Conseil d'Etat SNNPR en Ethiopie

Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's Region State Councilhereinafter referred to as SNNPR, which conference halls had been installed Gonsin conference equipments in 2013. This state has population of 20% of Ethiopia, has 56 nationalities. SNNPR is one of the largest conference center of the country, including 6 different size of halls which is a main conference hall, two 200-seating halls, two small meeting rooms and a cabinet room.

                                                 Main conference hall

This State Council is installed with fully digital conference system, including 703 units of FDC-6100 (with discussion,voting,interpretation and registration functions), 650 units of FDC-5500 (discussion,interpretation and registration functions) and 36 units of Daya DCS Distributed Congress System (discussion and registration functions) with 20 interpreter consoles. 
                                                Main conference hall               
Conference equipments are installed at the main conference hall and two 200-seating halls. The main conference hall includes floor ground and gallery with 953 seatings using conference equipments with 9 channels. According to the design of diagram and client’s requirement, the floor ground is installed with 645 units of table flush mount FDC-6100; the gallery is installed with 308 units of FDC-5500 in the armrests of the chairs. One central control unit is provided to control two series of conference systems which is user friendly. The whole system uses fully digital technology and distributed power supply technology to ensure steady work situation of the whole system. The two 200-seating halls are installed with 348 units of FDC-5500 (armrest flush mounted) and 8 interpreter consoles. The ideal solution using armrest flush mounting way saves space for the conference halls (not have tables) so as to provide comfortable conferencing for attendants. 
                       Using table flush mount model FDC-6100 at floor ground
                       of main conference hall

                                               Drawing of the floor ground

                                                  Drawing of the gallery

                                                       200-seating hall

                                                    Installed FDC-5500
The cabinet room is installed with Daya DCS Distributed Congress System.   
                                              Daya DCS Distributed Congress System 
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