Mode de conférence sans papier adopté par Southern Publishing and Media

Established in 2009, Southern Publishing and Media Co ,. Ltd. is the joint stock company founded by Guangdong Province Publishing Group with its productive assets and business, it has twenty members. Its main business is composed of edition, publication and retail, from books, journals, internet reading materials and other media products. Southern Publishing and Media has been the most vigorous and growing publishing media enterprise, the important southern base for the Chinese publishing industry.


With the improving modernization and informatization, as the significant component of the business communication of companies, conferences could not satisfy the need of companies with its old mode. In order to improve the conference efficiency, realize the effective communication and form the team spirit, in order to create the high-efficient and convenient office environment and meet the outside business communication conference demand and to build the company’s brand, Southern Publishing and Media Co,. Ltd. comes out with higher demand for the conference mode. Before that, it has used the GONSIN discussion system for years. The products run smoothly. Under the above circumstances, the user prefers to adopt GONSIN’s products again. As the leading provider of the complete conference system solution in the industry, it offers the latest professional paperless conference system solution after fully communication with Southern Publishing and Media. 


That solution utilizes the DCS-2021 economic paperless conference system that GONSIN developed independently. Its character is that its modularizing design can meet the various need from the customers. By DCS-2021 basic discussion terminal, it can realize speaking, request to speak, listening, auto tracking camera functions. According to the request from the customer of the external functions, the system utilizes the paperless conference terminal to realize the paperless multimedia function. 



When it comes to design of the paperless multi-media functions, GONSIN collects enormous information in the market and designs several sections in a scientific and systemic way. The participant just need to enter the password matched with the ID to log in, which could realize the registration, voting, evaluation, scoring; all statistics of the conference could be displayed on the extended terminal. The end-user can sort through the data and files within their rights at any time. By the extended terminal, it allows the end-user to choose the simultaneous interpretation channel and displays the languages names. It offers call service. The conference digital files management function makes the conference work easier. It comes out with many speaking modes. The system is second to none when it comes with the humanization. Strong supporting functions makes the cumbersome conference work simple and high-efficient. The printed consumable could be transformed into digital documents, which is absolutely in line with the green society development trend.


Considering that the invited people need to speak when it is applied, the solution is composed of GONSING DCS-3021 wireless digital conference system on purpose to ensure the flexibility of the conference equipment. That system utilizes FS-FHSS selecting-and-hopping technology innovated by GONSIN. Its carrier frequency is 2.4GHz. It does not need to be installed, or fitted with other equipment. It is the wireless discussion system that just requires people to lay it out. It could operate with one server, one wireless access point and conference microphones. It specifically suited to the temporary conference place.

DCS-2021 congress terminal 


1.Extending the paperless function by extended terminals 

   of paperless conference

2.USB extended voting

3.The audio and sensitivity of the microphone could be 

   adjusted one by one or together

4.Distributed power and intelligent grouping management

5.Volume adjustment of the built-in loudspeaker 

   from 0 to 8 level

6.One-pieced touch panel

7.CD-quality sound

8.32 wired simultaneous interpretation channels

9.Intelligent voice-activated

10.Within 8 in 1 out SD video tracking matrix, HD camera is supported

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