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Introduction: Since its establishment in 1985, University of M’ sila has been the key university in Algeria. It has 7 schools and 23 majors, attached great importance to scientific research including language theory, business, science, physic and etc. In order to enhance and improve the education quality, it has completed the upgrade of multiple conference halls on the campus. 

As the leading provider in the complete audio and video conference system solution, GONSIN has completed the upgrade project and offered a better platform for communication and education. 

As for the complete AV conference system solution in the educational institutes, GONSIN has its unique and systematic design cycle. Its clients include University of Science and Technology of China, Tongji University, Addis Ababa Urban Management Institute, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and etc. With advanced technology, stable performance and excellent quality, GONSIN products have gained consistent recognition from customers. 


In the case, the project is the international conference hall that can contain up to 1,000 people and is aimed to hold various seminars and symposiums. It need to be equipped with simultaneous interpretation system besides PA system and display system. The 6m theater-style hall has fixed stage, and stepped seats . 

Customer demands: 
1. Reasonable solution, cost-effective products  
2.The whole system has a highly stable and advanced conference mode 
3.Easy to install, operate and maintain 
4.Support interactive discussion 
5.Stable communication and the effective signal range can cover the 1,000 people conference hall 

According to the university demands, GONSIN design team has offered one complete set of conference solution based on TL-4200 desktop digital conference discussion system and DSSS simultaneous interpretation system. 

TL-4200 GONSIN 4200 desktop digital conference system is self-developed by GONSIN. Since it was launched into market in 2010, it has been successfully applied in numerous international conferences and conference venues. GONSIN 4200 desktop digital conference system not only meets the basic conference demand, but also comes with multiple functions. TL-4200 basic discussion unit has the video camera tracking function; by the extended function, it comes with the corresponding attendance registration, voting, election, evaluation and simultaneous interpretation function; The voice-activated function brings convenience not only to normal users but also to the visually impaired people. 

GONSIN DSSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system is a classic GONSIN product. It has gained several honors such as The Torch Program by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Guangdong Province Key New Product by Guangdong Department of Science and Technology and China's construction industry association branch of intelligent buildings "Intelligent Building Quality Products" by the intelligent Construction Branch of Chinese Construction Industry. The product has been upgraded and optimized as FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system. 

FS-FHSS interpretation system utilizes GONSIN self-developed FS-FHSS technology.  This brandnew wireless digital communication technology is developed from the hopping communication technology with frequency selection technology. The system automatically detects and selects the frequency spectrum, ensure the selected frequency spectrum is clear. The frequency-selecting and frequency-hopping double mechanism makes stable communication. 


AS a brandnew RF interpretation system, it comes with several advantages: 
a.One wireless AP supports 8 interpretation channels, the whole system support up to 16 channels ( 1 floor audio + 15 interpretation channels). Less wireless AP, less investment 
b. The effective distance for signal transmission is 50-500 meters, which agrees with different conference venues in all scales. It suits rental market perfectly. The customized version can cover 2,000 meters; One wireless AP can cover the whole conference venue. If use IR simultaneous interpretation system, it will need several IR radiators installing. 
c. RF transmission will not be blocked by any object, immune to the light source interference including sunlight. Simpler installation and debugging, make the installation quickly, suitable for outdoor conference venue. 
d. Exclusive digital audio coding and decoding technology, AES encryption and grouping techniques, ensure the data security 

FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation System in India Mass Religion Rally 

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